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Who Founded It?
The Healthy Humans Foundation was founded by world-renowned Heart Surgeon, and Author, Dr. Dwight Lundell.  After performing more than 5,000 open heart surgeries, and being credited as one of the first surgeons in the world to operate on a beating heart, Dr. Lundell realized that he, along with the entire medical community, was missing the point—they were bandaging diseases that could be cured if, and only if, the general public received un-biased health information.

He realized that anyone armed with accurate information had the opportunity to save more lives than he ever could as a Heart Surgeon.

  Notice the word “opportunity.”  Let’s face it, you can read all the health books and literature you can handle, but if you don’t act on the information, it goes nowhere.

What Does the Foundation Do?
We’re committed to researching, distributing, and publicizing accurate and un-biased health information to civic groups, employers and the general public—via publications, media, and face-to-face educational programs.

We’re a group of people who get excited by spreading health information and seeing people take control of their lives—feeling so empowered by their newly acquired knowledge that they inspire others to take control.

We’re people who get out of bed each morning and believe we can change the world—that is, of course, if we can inspire you to believe that you can change the world too.

When Does the Foundation Distribute Information?
Well, quite honestly, anytime we get the opportunity.

Where Does the
Foundation Distribute Information?
We distribute and communicate every possible place we can find—forming relationships with other health focused organizations, corporations, institutions, civic groups, and communities throughout the world.  We’re not picky.  The more people who become knowledgeable, the more we can move the needle, cure disease, and help people live happily and healthfully.

How did the Foundation begin?
Yes, there is a light-bulb moment behind everything—sometimes deriving from positive influences and sometimes from negative consequences.  Ironically, the Healthy Humans Foundation began when the positive, collided with the negative.

It was Saturday. Dr. Lundell was on the phone with Todd Nordstrom—the two spoke frequently as they are co-authors of the book, The Cure for Heart Disease:  Truth Will Save a Nation

Lundell and Nordstrom were discussing comments made by a reader who had followed the book’s instruction and transformed their life from sadness and sickness to wellness—boasting about recent weight loss, a newfound sense of energy, and a fresh perspective. 

“I’m considering starting a foundation to raise awareness,” said Dr. Lundell.  “If we could reach more people with more information…”

“To cure heart disease?” Todd asked.

“To cure all diseases,” said Dr. Lundell.  “Someone needs to do something to give people more information—that isn’t funded by pharmaceutical ads, food manufacturers, or even book sales.  Our nation is being educated by advertisers.”

“Hmm,” Todd sighed.  “But, isn’t there already a foundation for just about every cause you can think of?  Don’t you need to drill-down to a niche’? And, how is your foundation going to be different?”

“Why does it need to be different?” asked Dr. Lundell.

“I don’t know,” Todd responded.  “If there’s already a foundation for everything, why add another one?”

“Well, look at the statistics of disease,” said Lundell.  “Obviously another foundation is still necessary.  The incidence of disease continues to rise.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“But, I don’t want to do just a marginal foundation where people who get involved are simply sympathetic,” said Dr. Lundell.  “It’s not about feeling sorry for people. That’s what hospitals are for—‘sick care’ centers.  I want people to focus on being healthy and alive—full of energy.  I don’t want people to say that they’ve survived a disease.  This is a foundation for everyone—sick, well, or even super-healthy.  I want to create something where people get wound up about health.  I want people to feel so good about their health that they want to scream out to the world, ‘Hey look! I’m a healthy human!’ and not stop yelling it—ever.  We’ve got all the serious science—being healthy should be fun.”

There it was—the light-bulb moment.  It feels good to feel good.  It feels good to be empowered with knowledge.  And, it feels good to stand up straight, be proud, beat your chest a little, and exclaim, “Look at me—disease free.  Me—a healthy human.”

Question is: have you had your light-bulb moment yet?

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